National Cover Your Load Day June 6

Cover your load! It's the law.

Covering your load when driving to OC Landfills is more than a good habit; it’s the law. 

In celebration of Cover Your Load Day, June 6, OC Waste & Recycling  reminds the public of this important practice. Residents and commercial haulers transporting waste to any of OC’s three active landfills are required by California law to cover their loads. These vital measures uphold the safety of drivers and other vehicles sharing the road. It takes more than tie straps, it takes covering and securing items in truck beds. 

“We see some great examples of covered loads coming into the landfill, where the driver really took time to do the job right,” said Isaac Novella, manager of Landfill Administration, Central Region. “This is a practice haulers need to do every time they head out to dispose of waste – no matter the size of their load.” 

Any size load can shift during transportation and debris can become loose and fly out, potentially causing accidents. Covering your load is required when traveling on a street and will be enforced by law with potential for citation if not followed.  

Looking for tips on how to cover your load? 

  • Tie-down and secure large items when transporting.   

  • Make sure that any covering is tied down and can’t shift, catch the wind or pop out. 

  • Place lighter items underneath heavier items to help keep them in place.  

  • Balance the weight to make it even; avoid being top heavy.  

  • Make sure your truck or trailer bed does not have a hole or tear where debris can escape.  

  • Remove any loose material that may remain in the trailer or truck bed before leaving the landfill.   

The County of Orange operates three active landfills. Olinda Alpha landfill in Brea and Prima Deshecha landfill in San Juan Capistrano are open to commercial and residential business, while the third active landfill, Frank R. Bowerman in Irvine, is open only for commercial haulers. Vehicle Code Sections 23114 and 23115 require all residents and commercial haulers to cover their load. 

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