Fee Exemptions

What is a Fee Exemption?

At times the landfills require specific materials in order to sustain daily operations and will offer gate fee exemptions for those items.


To qualify for exemptions: Loads must be in a two-axle, self-unloading dump truck or larger, or trailer with dump capacity. No hand unloading for exemptions.


The following exemptions are those items for which OC Waste & Recycling will either not charge or may be willing to pay for disposal:*

OC Waste & Recycling Main Office


Olinda Alpha Landfill


  • Clean, broken asphalt is exempt. (no rebar, no petromat)
  • Soil -- OC Waste & Recycling is accepting new exempt soil applications for disposal at the Olinda Alpha landfill in Brea. Soil disposal is available at the Frank R. Bowerman or Prima Deshecha landfills. A soil disposal fee of $62.34 per ton will be applied and a Soil Information Form and testing is mandatory for amounts over five cubic yards.

Frank R. Bowerman Landfill


  • Clean, broken asphalt is exempt.  (no rebar, no petromat) 

Prima Deshecha Landfill


  • Clean, broken asphalt is exempt.  (no rebar, no petromat) 

Asphalt Credit Receipts

Due to financial constraints, OC Waste & Recycling requires that all requests for reimbursement for asphalt credit receipts be presented for payment no later than one calendar year from the date of issuance.

*Note: Changes are made periodically; therefore, it is recommended that you contact the landfill directly for confirmation of current procedures.